LIVE News Production with Cuez: Interview with Ticker News

In the world of news production, technological advancements play a pivotal role, also shaping the way news is delivered. With changing viewing patterns, news broadcasters must adapt quickly to keep their viewers engaged. Ticker News, a 24/7 news channel stretching from Melbourne to New York, stays at the forefront of advanced technologies. A part of their journey to success in news production has been facilitated by their adoption of Cuez — a cloud-based script and rundown platform. In this interview, Ahron Young, the Founder of Ticker News, talks about their achievements and how Cuez by TinkerList became an integral part of Ticker News, transforming challenges into opportunities.

Challenges of News Production

Producing daily news is not only art but also a technically challenging endeavor.

  • “We make a lot of content each day […] If you think about the number of guests that we have, it’s a huge number and we have had up to 70 on some days,” shares Ahron.

Such continuous news production required a reliable system that would allow Ticker News to deliver content and interview people non-stop, without having to reset the studio each time. That’s where Cuez by TinkerList came into their ecosystem, offering instant script and rundown synchronization.

Ticker News
Ticker News office

Before switching to Cuez by TinkerList, Ticker News team struggled with a high number of manual tasks. Such inefficient workflow asked for a transformative solution.

  • “Ticker was extremely laborious. An absolute nightmare. We wanted something which was a lot stronger and something which was just an easier workflow for everybody,” says Ahron.

Cuez by TinkerList: A Game-Changer

The adoption of Cuez by TinkerList marked a new chapter for Ticker News. The tool did not just simplify the process; it transformed it completely.

  • “It was just an incredible change for us that made it a lot simpler. And it meant that we could adjust our entire operations to match that goal,” Ahron reflects.
Ahron Young
Ahron in Ticker News studio

The Power of Cuez Automator

In addition to synchronized script and rundown, Cuez by TinkerList brought about significant changes in operational efficiency. With Automator — a unique tool that allows connecting studio equipment and controlling it by simply pressing a button — the team managed to take their production to the next level of efficiency and minimize operational complexities.

  • “It took a production of three or four people down to one or two, which was a huge saving for us,” reveals Ahron.
Ticker news
Ticker News office

Ticker News’s journey with Cuez epitomizes their belief in the power of technology in broadcasting and news production. As Ticker News continues to grow and evolve, Cuez by TinkerList remains a crucial ally, shaping and enabling them to deliver exceptional news content globally.

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