Streamline Your Next Sports Event


What is Cuez?

Cuez is a comprehensive software solution designed to make the production of top-notch sports events easy.
Manage complex production tasks like camera angle cuts and game highlight automation in a few clicks. Keep up with the growing demands of sports fans for quality content with Cuez!
Sports Broadcast production
Sports Broadcast production

Master Timings in Sports Event Production

Have full control and keep track of all essential timings, planning your sports event from start to finish in Cuez Script and Rundown with ease. Benefit from:

Produce Sports Events Remotely

Cover sports events, like Winter Olympics or Tour De France, from a gallery anywhere in the world and reduce the number of people present on site.
Sports Broadcast production
Sports Broadcast production tool

Share Your Progress with Right Holders

Keep the right holders always up to date by sharing your script and rundown with live updates and real-time edits.


Geared for Sports Matches and Venues

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Power up your sports broadcasts with easy scripts, remote collaboration, precise timing, and instant sharing.

Elevate your game with Cuez!

Make use of Cuez Automator

Automator is a handy tool used to automate live sports events by connecting with the hardware and software used in production. It saves time and effort, ensuring that all production components run smoothly. The Cuez Automator App lets you control content and devices with a press of a button.

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Interested in discovering more?

Many live sports productions already use Cuez to create high quality content for all types of sports events.

Making Live Production Easier and Better For Everyone

With its innovative features and intuitive interface, Cuez is here to make it easy for you to manage your entire production process from start to finish.