Stress-Free Show Production
With Cuez

Cloud-Based Platform for Entertainment Production

Cuez is a fully cloud-based tool that allows you to create shows remotely in ONE place. 

Cuez offers:

  • Real-time synchronization of all documents for all team members
  • Instant updates and adaptations in script & rundown
  • Automated production for LIVE shows


Cuez’s Unique Features


Cuez Script & Rundown in 1 Minute

Cuez Script & Rundown
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Collaborative Script & Rundown

Instead of multiple scattered documents on different platforms, manage your script & rundown in one centralized platform. Cuez allows you to:

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Keep your hosts, guests, operators and freelancers informed and share your script & rundown with live updates and real-time edits, to keep everyone informed of last-minute changes.

Cuez Automator

Precise Timings Control

Fully control your show’s timings and monitor durations, on-/off-air times, and other critical elements, staying within your scheduled time slot, and avoiding under- or over-runs.

Adapt timings manually in case of last-minute changes in the schedule.

Web Prompter Module

This feature allows your hosts to read the script directly from a teleprompter with instant updates, in case you need to make a quick change right before the show! 

Change the text in your script and it will immediately update on the prompter.

Cuez Automator

Automator is a tool used to automate live shows by connecting with the hardware and software in the production studio.

The Cuez Automator App lets you cue elements, control media and devices with a just press of a space bar. Simply add your media assets in the script, and it will be sent to the correct device. Works like magic!

Cuez Automator
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Configure multi-step actions and trigger them with a single click

Automate camera angles, lower-thirds, clips, audio, straps, and other types of media, and much more

Work remotely with all team members, collaborate seamlessy, in one centralised space

Connect your favorite devices smoothly with our open API and large set of plugins

Integrate with popular tools: vMix, NewBlue, Tricaster, CasparCG, OBS, Viz Flowics, Vizrt, SingularLive, Blackmagic devices, PTZ cameras, and more

Available for Windows and Mac devices

Use Cases 👇

Watch how a quiz show uses Cuez

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Watch how Cuez runs a (virtual) radio charity event

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Making Live Production Easier and Better For Everyone

With its innovative features and intuitive interface, Cuez is here to make it easy for you to manage your entire production process from start to finish.