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Script & Rundown

Script & Rundown

Collaborate remotely with your team in our script and rundown with instant updates and synchronization.



Automate your production and control every broadcast with a simple press of the spacebar.

Web Prompter

Web Prompter

Ensure smooth on-camera performance with Cuez’s web prompter module.

Timing and Cueing

Timing and Cueing

Control your live show’s timing easily with Cuez’s cueing feature.
Cuez Script
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Script & Rundown

No need to install bulky servers. With Cuez, everything runs in the cloud! 

The script & rundown are at the core of your workflow, allowing you to make instant last-minute updates, add media assets, and manage your whole production in ONE workspace remotely.

Cuez is a news production tool where you can work together with teams all across the world — no need for unnecessary printing or even a physical gallery. Collaborate and co-create at any time, from anywhere.

We support all essential types of assets needed for successful broadcast: pre-recorded clips or live coverage, lower-thirds, graphics, anchor texts, and more

The assets are accessible to both the editorial and technical teams across ALL devices.

News production often requires last-minute changes. Make updates to the script & rundown and see them appear instantaneously across all devices for every team member.

Avoid errors and keep everyone in the loop!


News broadcast software
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Cuez Automator for News

Automator is a practical news production tool used to automate broadcasts by connecting with the hard- and software in the studio.

The Cuez Automator App lets you control devices like microphones, light, and cameras and cue media with a just press of a space bar. Simply add your media assets in the script, and it will be sent to the correct device. Works like magic!

Cuez Automator

Through automation, you can produce top-notch newscasts with fewer resources

As we are API based, you can connect the rundown to any device. 

This means you can control playout and graphic devices such as Vizrt, EVS, Ross or MOS-based prompter apps DIRECTLY with Cuez. 

Cuez Automator supports numerous media types, allowing you to display all the media assets: be it a video, a graphics, or a prompter text.

Simply add you media assets to Cuez, and it will be sent to the correct device.

Program complex newscast, containing multiple story elements with local and remote sources, video playouts, graphics in many formats, audio segments, camera movements, effects in the video switcher, and much more.
You can run a news broadcast entirely on your own. All you need is a laptop, the tech stack and… a spacebar!

Configure multi-step actions and trigger them with a single click.

Automate camera angles, lower-thirds, clips, audio, straps, and other types of media, and much more.

Integrate with popular tools: vMix, NewBlue, Tricaster, CasparCG, OBS, Viz Flowics, Vizrt, SingularLive, Blackmagic devices, PTZ cameras, and more.


Cuez Automator News
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Web Prompter

Thanks to our Web Prompter module, journalists and presenters can read news with real-time text updates. 

An unforeseen change? Breaking news? The control room can adapt quickly allowing the anchor to see the updated text instantly, as you make the changes in the script. 

Cuez prompter


IBC Accelerator​

CUEZ showed that it can do two important things.

  1. Our rundown can be used to connect to any type of device: assets can be uploaded in the rundown and are automatically sent to the play-out, graphics, and more.
  2. One rundown can control:
    ✔️ a fully cloud-based studio
    ✔️ a fully on-prem studio
    ✔️ an outside broadcast.

One operator can run a full life show.

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One man band: DPG Media

DPG Media employs Cuez to create script and rundown templates. Journalists input the text and upload all assets (videos, graphics, camera positions, incoming sources, etc.) into the rundown. Cuez then automatically sends this information to all connected back-end devices.

This streamlined process allows the presenter to go live, and with a simple press of the spacebar, one person can effortlessly run a broadcast!


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