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Streamline LIVE Production with Cuez

How can Cuez help you create an upscale LIVE event?

Cuez is LIVE events production software, offering rundown and script capabilities to help production teams easily plan and execute high-quality live events.

Control your studio’s software, hardware, and media assets with just a few clicks in ONE centralized platform.

Cuez stays in sync with all devices, allowing you to make last-minute changes and collaborate at any time remotely.

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Collaborative Script & Rundown

Prepare and build a script and rundown, to create a flawless webinar, conference, medical presentation or any other LIVE event from anywhere in the world with the Cuez Platform. Exchange your script and notes with hosts, guests, stakeholders, and everyone else in the team.

Collaborate in real time, on-site or remotely, and create your LIVE event from scratch with Cuez!

CUEZ Script & Rundown for LIVE Events Production

cuez script & rundown
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Cuez Automator

Precise Timings & Notes Column

Plan and run your LIVE event stress-free with Cuez’s advanced timings:

Share notes or provide instructions to your teams in the Notes column, giving you complete oversight at every stage of your event.

Web Prompter

This feature allows your hosts to read the script directly from a teleprompter with instant updates, in case you need to make a quick change right before going LIVE! 

Change the text in your script and it will immediately update on the prompter.

Cuez prompter

Cuez Automator for LIVE Events

Automator is a handy tool used to automate live shows and events by connecting with the hardware and software in the production studio. It saves time and effort, ensuring that all production components run smoothly. The Cuez Automator App lets you control content and devices with a just press of a space bar.

Configure multi-step actions and trigger them with a single click.

Automate clips, audio, camera angles, straps, game highlights, tournament statistics and updates, and such.

Integrate with your favourite tools: vMix, NewBlue, Tricaster, CasparCG, OBS, Viz Flowics, Vizrt, SingularLive, Blackmagic devices, PTZ cameras, and more.

CUEZ Automator for LIVE Events Production

Cuez Automator for LIVE Production
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Use Cases 👇

Customer Interview with NACE

NACE is a program, dedicated to providing accredited education tailored to the needs of healthcare practitioners.

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Virtual Event: De Warmste Week

Watch how Cuez runs a (virtual) radio charity event

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Interview with a Floor Manager

Cuez by TinkerList for Nobel Prize Ceremony 

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Making Live Production Easier and Better For Everyone

With its innovative features and intuitive interface, Cuez is here to make it easy for you to manage your entire production process from start to finish.