EVS is globally recognized as the leading provider of live video technology for broadcast and new media productions. EVS DYVI is a software-defined production switcher offering a new approach to live production, taking the operator far beyond the limits of conventional hardware switcher design. DYVI offers a totally flexible and scalable internal architecture, as well as a wide range of APIs and protocols for third party control. Cuez platform integrates with EVS DYVI, as well as with EVS XT Servers.

Loved by award-winning creators and trusted by the industry’s largest content producers, Limecraft offers a fresh approach to managing your video workflows. From pre-production to post-production and delivery, we help producers and storytellers improve collaboration and create more compelling content.

Limecraft’s cloud-based solutions enable content creators to store, manage and share everything from the first rushes to thousands of masters, easily and securely. We help you keep track of locally stored assets and use AI transcription and image recognition to index content and automate repetitive work, letting you focus on creative story editing. Limecraft Workspaces can be easily customised for specific formats like scripted TV, documentary and non-scripted entertainment, getting you up and running in minutes. Delivery logic helps bridge the gap between content producers and broadcasters/streamers by handling file transfer, traffic management reporting, metadata, version control and communication between all stakeholders.

Flowics is a cloud-native platform facilitating the creation of live graphics and interactive experiences for broadcasters across various production workflows. With Viz Flowics, you can create and operate HTML5 broadcast graphics right from your browser. When integrated with Cuez Automator, users can seamlessly add Flowics as a device within the Automator interface. This integration allows for efficient control and management of live graphics and interactive elements within the Cuez ecosystem.

vMix is a powerful Software Video Mixer and Switcher that enables live HD video mixing and streaming directly to the Internet. Cuez integrates with vMix and can be added as a device within the Automator interface, simplifying the configuration process for efficient control and media handling. By configuring actions, Cuez users can easily trigger functions on vMix through Cuez, enhancing the overall live production workflow.

Singular.live is a cloud-based overlay platform, for creating and controlling customizable overlays from anywhere. It operates entirely online without any hardware dependencies, allowing for infinite scalability and reduced costs.

UNO by Singular.live revolutionizes live graphics by offering customizable overlay templates that can be easily tailored to any stream, eliminating the need for downloads or complicated setups. Integrated with Cuez Automator, users can seamlessly add UNO as a device within the interface, simplifying the configuration process. By configuring UNO with Cuez, users can efficiently trigger functions on UNO through Cuez Automator, making live production more efficient.

The PRIME Platform™ is Chyron’s live production engine. PRIME helps broadcasters produce shows, create graphics, manage content and drive all the dynamic production elements with a range of live production modules.

NewBlue is a developer of video effects, transitions, and titling software for consumer video editing. NewBlue products and technology have been deployed in the broadcast, sports, corporate, education, and house of worship markets. They also integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, and more.

Cuez supports webhooks as a ‘device’ within the Automator interface, opening up an entire new segment of integrations that can be made with hard- and software that supports webhooks. By configuring actions, Cuez users can easily trigger webhooks through Automator, which in turn trigger actions on the receiving hard- or software. Bitfocus Companion, used by many in combination with Stream Deck, supports webhooks, allowing it to be integrated with Automator.

The TriCaster system allows you to make anything from keynote presentations and webcasts to online training and sporting events look amazing with quality, consistency and efficiency.


OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a no-cost, open-source application designed for video recording and live streaming purposes. With its flexible, open canvas approach to video creation, this software enables users to mix diverse audio and video sources into a unified output, catering to a wide range of creative video and broadcasting needs.

CasparCG is an open-source free software solution designed for professional broadcast graphics and video playout. It allows users to create dynamic graphics, overlays, and visual effects for live television broadcasts, sports events, news programs, and other productions. CasparCG supports a wide range of video formats and integrates with popular broadcast systems and softwares including Cuez, offering features such as real-time compositing, multi-layer graphics, and template-based graphics creation.

Cuez integrates with CasparCG and can be added as a device within the Automator interface, simplifying the configuration process for efficient control and media handling. By configuring actions, Cuez users can easily trigger functions on CasparCG through Cuez, enhancing the overall live production workflow.

On-Hertz Artisto is an audio production platform that simplifies and enhances broadcast workflows. It offers high-quality audio, seamless integration with other systems, and scalability for different operation sizes. Artisto supports various audio formats and is designed for sustainability in broadcasting. It’s suitable for a wide range of audio-related tasks in TV and radio production, sports commentary, and more, providing comprehensive support and training for its users


Cuez supports OSC Clients as a ‘device’ within the Automator interface, opening up an entire new segment of integrations that can be made with hard- and software that supports the OSC protocol, a network communication standard for computers and multimedia devices. By configuring actions, Cuez users can easily trigger OSC commands through Automator, which in turn trigger actions on the receiving hard- or software.

Cuez supports Panasonic PTZ cameras, allowing Automator users to trigger PTZ presets by configuring actions in Automator.

Resolume is a software designed for live video mixing and VJing, offering two main products: Resolume Avenue and Resolume Arena. Avenue is focused on live video mixing, making it an ideal tool for VJs and AV artists, while Arena includes advanced features for video projections, mapping, and blending. Both versions provide real-time control for live performances, allowing users to play and manipulate videos and effects.

Cuez integrates with Resolume, which can be added as a device within the Automator interface, simplifying the configuration process for efficient control and media handling. By configuring actions in Automator, Cuez users can easily trigger clips, set text, overlays, and more, enhancing the overall live production workflow.

Stream Deck devices are customizable control panels that can be used to execute simple to complex commands with just the press of a button, especially useful for broadcasting purposes. Cuez seamlessly integrates with a large variety of Stream Decks, facilitating a smooth broadcasting experience. In Cuez Automator, this works through configuring Keyboard Shortcuts.

VISCA is a professional camera control protocol used with PTZ cameras. Cuez supports the VISCA protocol, meaning that all sorts of supported camera models can be added as a device within the Automator interface. By configuring actions in Automator, Cuez users can easily trigger functions to change the pan, tilt, zoom,… of the connected device.

Edelkrone specializes in the design and production of innovative camera accessories and filmmaking equipment. Their product range includes sliders, motion control systems, camera rigs, and other tools aimed at enhancing the capabilities of filmmakers and photographers. Edelkrone is known for its emphasis on compact, portable designs and advanced features. Cuez works seamlessly with Edelkrone equipment, making your production a smooth process.

Cuez automator can fully control Edelkrone’s camera heads through API, allowing smaller, as well as bigger, productions to add an extra moving dimension to their shows.

Ember+ is a control protocol developed by the Lawo Group, aimed at facilitating interaction between equipment. Ember+ focuses on simplicity, minimal hardware requirements, and broad compatibility across hardware platforms. Unlike other control protocols, Ember+ allows manufacturers to define their own schemas within the Ember+ tree structure. Cuez utilizes Ember+ protocol, facilitating communication between your equipment.

Stream Deck devices are customizable control panels that can be used to execute simple to complex commands with just the press of a button, especially useful for broadcasting purposes. Cuez seamlessly integrates with a large variety of Stream Decks, facilitating a smooth broadcasting experience. In Cuez Automator, this works through configuring Keyboard Shortcuts.

Cuez and Grass Valley’s integration allows for vision mixing in the cloud, playout control, audio mixer management, and more. It offers disaster recovery capabilities in case of local infrastructure failure — easily switch to the cloud environment to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting through Cuez.

Mo-Sys is a a global leader in advanced camera technology for film and broadcast. Mo-Sys create solutions for virtual production, camera tracking, and remote operations. Focusing on creating new, customized technology, Mo-Sys works with big film and TV projects.

Cuez and Mo-Sys integration allows users to automate camera heads, motorised cranes, and similar devices, and control them through Cuez rundown.

Vizrt provides visual storytelling tools for content creators in broadcasting, sports, digital, and esports industries. Vizrt offers a variety of products for real-time 3D graphics, video playout, studio automation, sports analysis, media asset management, and journalist storytelling tools.

Cuez and Vizrt integration allows users to control the render nodes, meaning that graphics can be fully guided by the rundown thanks to the Cuez Automator.

Ross Video’s XPression is a versatile graphics system for live productions. It supports both 2D and 3D graphics, providing real-time motion graphics capabilities for various media formats. XPression is designed to work with a range of broadcast video formats. The system is suited for various production needs, including news, sports, and entertainment.

We created a middleware that exposes the XPression interface as a REST API, allowing the control of the XPression graphics engine from the Automator fully.

Cuez Automator can control the Yamaha mixing console, i.e. setting levels, muting channels, etc., making it possible, in a fully automated environment, to control the audio from the rundown.

NetOn.Live, a Belgian media technology company, offers LiveOS and Live Connect. LiveOS is software-defined IP media platform designed for various live productions such as news, sports, talk shows, conferences, and entertainment. LiveConnect, their proprietary switch technology, enables seamless video switching within the ST2110 IP network. The LiveOS platform supports local, remote, and decentralized media productions, covering all stages from ingest to playout. It integrates smoothly with third-party solutions, including Cuez by TinkerList, a renowned cloud tool for scripting and rundowns, showcasing their commitment to comprehensive broadcasting solutions.

SPX, or Smart Production eXperience, is a powerful free and open-source live graphics control application designed to empower users with the tools needed to produce stunning visuals. SPX offers an intuitive interface and powerful features to bring your ideas to life: from dynamic animations to intricate 3D models, SPX provides the versatility and flexibility to fulfill a wide range of design needs. Accessible online, SPX allows users to collaborate and create from anywhere, making it an ideal solution for individuals and teams working on web design, print media, and various creative projects.

Cuez Automator allows users can easily fetch all SPX templates and presents it in a user friendly interface to control them from the rundown.

Avid FastServe is a high-performance media storage and playout server solution designed for broadcast and media production environments. It offers reliable and scalable storage capabilities, allowing users to efficiently manage and deliver media content. FastServe enables seamless integration with Avid’s editing and production tools, providing a streamlined workflow for content creation and delivery. With support for both HD and UHD formats, FastServe is suitable for a wide range of media production applications, including live sports broadcasting, news production, and post-production workflows.

Cuez Automator can upload and fetch clips from a MAM system, as well as fully control the channels. AVID and Cuez integration offers a powerful solution for news and live shows.

Blackmagic ATEM is a production switcher. ATEM switches between SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards so you can form live production with a wide range of video sources such as cameras, disk recorders and slide shows or animation from computers. The features include chroma key, creative transitions, media pool, downstream keyers, audio mixer, multi view and more. The more advanced models include features such as up to 20 SDI inputs, SuperSource multi-layer engine, full motion DVE, stinger transitions, larger media pool with full motion clips and up to an incredible 6 auxiliary outputs. Cuez supports all 24 functions from Blackmagic ATEM (excluding Fairlight).

The Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio is a professional broadcast recording and playback deck that works with SD cards and SSD media. It features modern designs, quieter cooling, and supports several codecs including H.264, Apple ProRes, DNxHD, and H.265 for the 4K model. The product line offers four models, each catering to various professional needs. Key features include dual media slots for continuous recording, diverse connections for broadcast standards, and functionality suitable for live production, broadcast, and digital signage.

The Blackmagic Videohub is a router that let you connect all your equipment. They allow you to connect and route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD on the same router at the same time. They have zero latency so are perfect for live production and broadcast! Ethernet is also included so you can remotely control the router using a range of external hardware or software control panels.

Blackmagic Web Presenter is a device designed for live streaming and webcasting applications. It allows users to convert SDI or HDMI video sources, such as cameras or computers, into high-quality 720p HD video streams that can be directly uploaded to the internet for live broadcasting. The device supports a wide range of streaming platforms and services, making it versatile for various streaming needs. Additionally, it includes features like built-in audio mixing, a built-in LCD screen for monitoring, and compatibility with popular streaming software.

Bitfocus Companion is a versatile software platform designed for controlling various devices and applications used in broadcast, live event, and entertainment settings. It enables users to create custom control interfaces for devices such as lighting, cameras, switchers, and audio equipment, facilitating seamless integration and automation of workflows. With support for a wide range of hardware and software solutions, Bitfocus Companion offers flexibility and scalability to meet diverse production needs. It can be used with Cuez Automator via WebHooks at the moment.
CueScript specializes in providing professional teleprompting solutions for broadcast, film, and live events. Their product range includes high-quality teleprompter monitors, software, and accessories designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of prompting workflows. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and reliable performance, CueScript aims to empower presenters, producers, and technicians to deliver seamless and polished presentations every time. Cuez integrates with CueiT from CueScript, via our Gateway application.
Autoscript is a leading provider of teleprompting solutions for broadcast, live events, and corporate productions. Their products include a range of teleprompter systems, software, and accessories designed to enhance the efficiency and professionalism of prompting workflows. Autoscript products are the broadcast industry standard and the new Intelligent Prompting system offers the world’s only fully IP-enabled, end-to-end prompting workflow. With a focus on innovation and user-friendly design, Autoscript aims to empower presenters and production teams to deliver flawless performances. We support WinPlus-IP via the Gateway application for Cuez.
Ross Video provides a suite of video production solutions, including production switchers, graphics systems, robotic camera systems, and more. Their products are designed to meet the diverse needs of broadcasters, sports arenas, live event producers, and other professional video production environments. Ross solutions make it easy to create compelling news, weather, and sports broadcasts, engaging material for sports stadiums and entertainment shows, and houses of worship.
Sony is a renowned manufacturer of professional cameras and equipment, offering a diverse range of high-quality products tailored for broadcast, cinema, and live events. Sony’s cameras seamlessly integrate with production workflows, making them a preferred choice for professional productions. Notably, Sony cameras integrate effortlessly with Cuez through Visca protocol, allowing for streamlined operation and enhanced control during live productions.
Loupedeck specializes in creating innovative editing consoles and accessories tailored for content creators, photographers, and video editors. Their products are designed to streamline the editing process, providing intuitive interfaces that enhance productivity and creativity in various editing workflows.
SKAARHOJ is a company developing and manufacturing professional control panels and accessories for broadcast, live event, and AV professionals. SKAARHOJ offers the ability to control multiple protocols allowing you to integrate several hardware units within a single controller.
Shotoku is a leading provider of camera support systems, specializing in robotic camera control solutions for broadcast and live production environments. Their products include pan/tilt heads, pedestals, tripods, and virtual reality tracking systems, designed to meet the diverse needs of television studios, sports arenas, and virtual studios. Shotoku’s solutions offer precise camera movements and seamless integration with automation systems, empowering broadcasters to deliver high-quality productions efficiently.
Generic HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the standard protocol used for communication between a web client, like a browser, and a web server. This protocol enables the exchange of various data types, including text, images, and multimedia files. It’s a stateless protocol, meaning each client request is independent, without retaining information about previous interactions. In broadcasting, Generic HTTP plays a crucial role in streaming live content, delivering video-on-demand, accessing media assets remotely, and controlling broadcast equipment over a network connection. Cuez supports Generic HTTP, enabling users to control a multitude of devices directly through the platform.
Grass Valley’s AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform) is a flexible media production and distribution platform that combines traditional production tools with new cloud-based applications. It is designed to be user-friendly, handling live streaming media production and distribution either on-premises or in the cloud. Accessible globally via an HTML5 browser, AMPP adapts to various needs and prioritizes easy workflow, security, and reliable performance.
A MIDI Out interface is a device or port that allows computers and other MIDI-enabled devices to communicate with each other. It sends MIDI data, which includes information about timing, and other performance-related parameters, from one device to another. MIDI Out interfaces typically have MIDI connectors, such as MIDI DIN ports or USB ports, through which MIDI data is transmitted. This allows musicians, producers, and audio engineers to connect MIDI controllers, synthesizers, sequencers, and other MIDI-compatible equipment to create, record, and control sound.
Polecam is a company specializing in lightweight, portable camera crane systems designed for capturing dynamic and creative shots in various production environments. Their products include innovative camera jibs and rigs that offer versatility and flexibility, allowing filmmakers and broadcasters to achieve unique perspectives and smooth camera movements. Polecam’s equipment is known for its portability, ease of setup, and ability to capture high-quality footage in challenging filming conditions.
Portaprompt is a company specializing in teleprompting solutions for broadcast, live events, and video production. They offer a range of products including teleprompter hardware, software, and accessories designed to assist presenters and speakers in delivering scripts or speeches confidently and seamlessly. Portaprompt’s teleprompting systems are known for their reliability, ease of use, and versatility, making them popular choices among broadcasters, production companies, and public speakers worldwide.

CUEZ is designed to work with a wide range of hardware and software tools. Our system easily connects with any device that has an API, making sure we can integrate with as many different types of technology as possible. This means that CUEZ is always becoming more useful and the list of integrations is constantly growing.

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