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Cuez is a rundown & script tool that helps you focus on what really matters — your community

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Plan your next Live Event with Cuez

Cloud-based Script & Rundown

Prepare a script, build a rundown, and collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world directly in our cloud-based platform, keeping all media assets in one location, with instant script & rundown updates and real-time syncing.

Create a flawless service or event and stream it LIVE to reach a wider community.


cuez script & rundown
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Precise Timings

Maintain full control of your event from from start to finish easily with Cuez’s advanced timing functions, managing your event down to a second.

Benefit from Cuez’s automatic timings calculation or adjust timings manually, in case of changes in the schedule.

Web Prompter

Our Web Prompter module allows you to effortlessly make changes to the prompter text seconds before going LIVE, ensuring a superb performance and a smooth delivery of your event.

Automator is a handy tool used to automate live shows and events by connecting with the hardware and software in the production studio. It saves time and effort, ensuring that all production components run smoothly. The Cuez Automator App lets you control content and devices with a just press of a space bar.

Cuez Automator for LIVE Production
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Use Cases 👇

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Making Live Production Easier and Better For Everyone

With its innovative features and intuitive interface, Cuez is here to make it easy for you to manage your entire production process from start to finish.