Cuez Visits TV Production of ‘De Droomfabriek’

De Droomfabriek — The Dream Factory, where dreams come true

Our Cuez team recently had the privilege of visiting the production set of ‘De Droomfabriek’, a renowned Belgian TV show where dreams come true. The TV show is set to make a major comeback in 2024, with much beloved Belgian TV host Bart Peeters, joined by Gloria Monserez. The team has been using our cloud-based rundown tool Cuez to make the show happen. With Cuez, the staff made the whole production more efficient, improved communication, and simplified the pre- and post-production processes.

de droomfabriek
Bart Peeters, the host of De Droomfabriek

We interviewed several team members to discover first-hand how Cuez became the core of their production. And this is how they did it.

Cuez by TinkerList: cloud-based rundown platform for TV show production

From the producer to the host to the prompter operator — everyone from ‘De Droomfabriek’ benefited in a way from using Cuez, a tool that integrates all aspects of the production process. As Bart Peeters, the host of ‘The Dream Factory’, puts it:

  • “Everything is connected with everything. And when you change something in Cuez, every computer gets the magic of the change. So the whole team speaks one language.”
cloud-based script and rundown platform
Production set of De Droomfabriek

Michele Vanhove, the editor in chief expressed his admiration for the cloud-based rundown platform, stating

  • “It was quite a surprise for me working like this, seeing text, seeing photos, seeing images all in one platform. It’s a wonderful way of working for everybody who works in this kind of multi-camera show.”

Synchronized show production in a simple interface

de droomfabriek
The gallery, De Droomfabriek

The synchronization of tools across the whole production with Cuez was the game-changer for ‘The Dream Factory’. Being able to see changes in the script instantaneously, without the need to re-print it, saved time and effort. Bert Geerts, the assistant director, said that Cuez, as a cloud-based rundown platform, not only helped the team stay synced but also prevented the loss of files and reduced the chaos of a TV show production, as it usually happens to be quite messy.

  • “The synchronization is very good. So when you want to change something, it’s connected with each other. So if you change it in one place, it’s everywhere – in the prompter, in the script, and so on.”
Cuez cloud-based rundown platform

The user-friendly interface of Cuez was another highlight. One team member noted,

  • “I really like the interface of Cuez because it’s simple. You can find easily what you want.” This simplicity and efficiency were echoed by many on the set, who appreciated the platform’s holistic approach to production.

In conclusion, our visit to “De Droomfabriek” once again proved that we’re doing it right. It is by seeing the power of effective cloud-based rundown tools like Cuez, that we continue to help creative teams make successful TV shows, news reports, broadcasts, LIVE and other events. As we continue to improve our script and rundown platform, we also keep growing our list of software and hardware integrations. Cuez works together with the most loved tools in the broadcasting market, including vMix, EVS equipment, ROSS, and many others. Discover the full list of integrations.

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