Creating a TV Show with Cuez: LUCA School of Arts Students Share Their Experience

Meet Seppe and Sibe, third-year students specializing in multi-camera operations at LUCA School of Arts (Narafi Film, TV, and Video School), who used our cloud-based script and rundown TV show production tool Cuez for their graduation project — a fun and dynamic game show centred around vacation-themed quizzes.

TV show production with Cuez

Cuez is a truly versatile tool that can be used by both professionals and students alike. It can help film and TV students learn the ropes of media production and structure the process. Cuez presents a neat view of the script and rundown for school projects, whatever those are: sports, shows, live productions, and such.

LUCA School of Arts is a Belgium-based university college exclusively dedicated to art and design. As part of their study program, our invited guests, Sibe and Seppe, had to work together with other students to create a game show as their final project. The game show features a cruise-themed adventure where the host introduces new countries in each episode, culminating in a vacation competition.

game show

Cuez was at the core of this production. Not only did it help enhance organization and efficiency, but it also reduced the risk of miscommunication and minimized errors during production.

Seppe shared,

  • “Cuez has been really handy, just as a tool to use during repetitions and preparations.”

From chaos to an organized workflow

As one might know, TV production is always messy and chaotic. Navigating numerous documents scattered around different platforms and devices can be difficult. Especially if changes need to be made to the script or the rundown. And that’s where Cuez can be very handy.

luca school or arts

Transitioning to Cuez has been beneficial for everyone on the team. Cuez allowed the students to know exactly where every document is — less stress means more room for creative freedom.

  • “Before we had Cuez, everything was chaos… now everything is in one place,” says Sibe.
  • “If you’re filmmaking, it’s always chaotic, but it really helps that you have just one software just to put every, every single thing in. And that’s super, super handy to use,” added Seppe.

Cuez by TinkerList for students: Learning the ropes

Reflecting on the transition to using Cuez, Sibe remarked,

  • “The first time I opened Cuez, I was overwhelmed, but it was pretty handy and intuitive to use. It’s self-explanatory, it’s simple, it’s organized.”

The team of students also benefited from Cuez Automator — a cloud-based tool that helps you automate your studio and control your software and hardware devices with just a few clicks. You can learn more about the Automator here.

cloud-based rundown tool cuez
  • “It’s a great way of communication for the whole crew and a great place to have everything organized, and that’s why I’m just really happy with the product and I would like to keep using it in the future,” says Seppe.

For aspiring filmmakers and future media wizards, Cuez has proven to be a vital asset in bringing their creative vision to life. Many students and universities around the world use Cuez. Intrigued? Learn how Cuez can help students learn media production.

You can watch the full show here. And the full interview on our YouTube channel.

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