Cuez by TinkerList Automates LIVE News: Interview with RNF

In an ever-evolving world of news, the need for a hands-on, flexible solution has long been prominent. Traditional newsrooms used to rely on rigid architectures, which often slowed down the news production process due to technical complexities. However, the revolution is underway. And cloud-based solutions like Cuez by TinkerList are taking over.

RNF’s Journey: Shifting to Cuez by TinkerList

Although some resistance to change still exists, many news production companies are swiftly switching to more adaptable and efficient tools like Cuez. RNF, a local German LIVE news platform, has already made the switch. In this interview, Managing Director Ralph Kühnl talks about the transition to Cuez and how RNF moved to a cloud-based, remote production of news.

Rundown in Cuez by TinkerList

The old ways of production were not ideal for RNF, as everything had to be done on-site, significantly slowing down the process. In the context of breaking news, this workflow is not sustainable long-term, due to high costs and inefficiency. This is where Cuez by TinkerList came into play, completely transforming the way journalists from RNF work on LIVE news production.

  • “TinkerList has fundamentally changed the way we work,” he concludes. “With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, it’s setting a new standard for newsroom efficiency and collaboration,” says Ralph. journalist working in Cuez by TinkerList

From traditional to cloud-based LIVE news production with Cuez

  • “It’s common for news to come in while we’re LIVE on air,” Ralph explains. “TinkerList’s reliability in these situations has never let us down,” adds Ralph.

In addition, Ralph highlights that the transition to cloud-based production was very smooth.

  • “We didn’t need any on-site services or workshops to transition to TinkerList. Within a day, we were up and running, and the impact on our workflow was immediate,” he shares.
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The Future of LIVE News Production

With Cuez, the RNF team was able to achieve long-needed stability and reliability in their production, leaving all technicalities to the Cuez platform and allowing journalists to focus on the content creation.

When it comes to LIVE news, the ability to make changes to the script and rundown as the news comes in is extremely valuable.

  • “Transitioning from traditional newsroom architectures to TinkerList was a game-changer for us. The ability to make real-time changes and see them reflected across all devices instantly is invaluable in our line of work,” Ralph reflects. gallery

In essence, Cuez by TinkerList represents the future of newsroom management, offering flexibility when needed, efficiency where needed, and unparalleled collaboration at all times.

  • “TinkerList is not just an app—it’s a game-changer for journalists,” Ralph concludes.

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