Captured: Cuez at NAB Show 2024

At this year’s NAB Show 2024, we showcased our revolutionary product Cuez — a cloud-based solution for newsrooms, sports events, and any type of live shows. With a focus on being a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) and automation tool, Cuez attracted the attention of numerous news companies, production houses, and sports broadcasters from across the globe.

Cuez by TinkerList: The Future of News Production

As an NRCS tool of the future, Cuez connects your whole studio in one platform, including your hardware equipment and software devices. At our booth, visitors from Singapore to Australia witnessed live demonstrations of how Cuez can empower and control complex production setups with ease, with a simple press of a button.

Our goal was to demonstrate that in fast-paced environments like news productions, a single person can operate the whole studio through Cuez, making it the ultimate one-man-band tool in the industry. Curious? Check out our customer success story with VRT NWS and how they use Cuez to operate their one-man-band Webstudio.

Another exciting event was the preview of our new secret feature that will transform the news production process. This feature is tailored to facilitate multi-platform content creation for journalists doing live news and is set to be released by IBC 2024. This unique Cuez product promises to be a game-changer for content creators. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

Cloud-based and Remote Media Production

Remote working emerged as a central theme, yet again strengthening our commitment to addressing the needs of modern production teams. We understand these struggles like no one else: having a part of our team working from all around the globe taught us how to collaborate effectively even when you are thousands of miles apart. That is what our dedication to remote production is based on — we believe creating a top-notch show, sports or other live event is not only possible remotely but is also more beneficial than many might think.

We have proven times and times again, that creating media remotely is possible. Take, for example, the Winter Olympics. Powered by Cuez, the Winter Olympics were curated by teams from different locations, thanks to Cuez’s capability to navigate challenges such as managing content across different time zones and facilitating remote collaboration. In addition, Cuez reduced the number of people needed on-site, making the whole event more sustainable.

From enabling real-time collaboration on scripts and rundowns to reducing carbon emissions from your production, Cuez offers solutions tailored to the demands of remote workflows. We were honoured to be nominated for NAB Show’s Excellence in Sustainability Award, as well as having achieved MTSS Sustainability Booth Stamp, at NAB 2024 demonstrating our dedication to making media production more sustainable. 🌿

Cloud Production for Esports

Cuez already works with such esports giants like RIOT Games and EFG. We are looking to expand our market and work closely with other esports production companies and individual players.

Esports enthusiasts were particularly impressed by Cuez’s adaptability, with features like dark mode receiving praise from visitors. Another big advantage Cuez can offer is its adaptability to any hardware and software tools through API, allowing users to customise their setup according to the needs of their production. Our latest integration with MIMIR, for example, showcases its ability to integrate with any MAM (media asset management) system, creating a more tailored experience when producing esports or any other type of live content.

The list of Cuez integrations continues to grow. Check out the full list here.

Future Ahead: NAB 2025

NAB Show 2024 provided an invaluable platform for us to showcase Cuez’s innovative solutions and engage with industry leaders and stakeholders. As we continue to push the boundaries of media production technology, Cuez remains committed to empowering production teams worldwide with cloud-based productions, sustainable practices, and collaborative workflows. We hope to see you next year at NAB Show 2025!

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