Cuez for Live Sports Production: Interview with Solent University

Cuez is a cloud-based script and rundown platform which is widely used by sports productions, broadcasters, as well as students studying TV production around the world. In the latest spotlight, are two students from Solent University, Ben and Sophie, who reflect on their final sports production project, powered by Cuez.

Studying Sports Production

As part of their curriculum, Ben, Sophie, and other students worked on a major sports livestream of Solent Kestrels basketball game — the culmination of their years studying TV production.

  • “It’s been like a passion project since coming to university,” Ben shares.
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With the help of SonarEVENTS, a dynamic student-led TV and live events society, the students decided to “go all out!” transforming basketball games, typically covered with minimal equipment into a high-tech operation featuring 15 cameras and a central gallery. Cuez was also part of this incredible transformation, offering assistance on the running order system and training.

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Solent Kestrels Basketball Livestream

However, the journey began with a challenge: linking all the equipment and infrastructure in a brand-new sports complex with the studio located in a separate building.

  • “[The studio] is still on the same site, but it’s a totally different building. You know, it’s a ten-minute walk away,” says Ben.
  • “Yeah, that was the biggest challenge,” adds Sophie.

And here is where Cuez came in handy. Because of its cloud-based nature, Cuez enabled the team to link the studio to the tools located in the sports complex, enabling seamless coordination across locations.

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Cuez by TinkerList for Sports Broadcasting: Student Production

Thanks to its intuitive interface, adapting to and working with Cuez was effortless, Ben and Sophie share. They point out its user-friendly features, catering to professionals and students alike.

  • “As soon as I picked up Cuez, it kind of all made sense. Every button made sense, and everything did what you expected it to do. From the whole crew, there was over 50 of us there on the day, everyone had so much positive feedback and loved how simple it was,” they add.

Alongside Automation, students also explored the benefits of advanced Timings, which helped them run the live stream on time and kept them within the dedicated timeframe. With Cuez, they could visualize and organize their show, ensuring smooth transitions and accurate timing.

  • “For me, the big thing was the Timings. So being able to perfectly see […] what’s over, what’s under, at the top,” shares Ben.
  • “I kind of spacebar’ed through the show, and it helped me keep track of timings. So it was just that extra security of knowing that I was going to keep to the timings and not get it wrong, basically because I was kind of stressed about my role as it was,” adds Sophie.
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Overall, Cuez has transformed the production process, allowing students to create a professional, high-quality sports livestream.

  • “It just helped us visualize and put things into sections of how we were going to plan our shows and make it the best it possibly could for halftime, post-match and pre-match,” concludes Sophie.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel and learn more about Cuez for Live Sports Production.

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