Cuez by TinkerList for Nobel Prize Ceremony: Interview with a Floor Manager

The Nobel Prize ceremony is a globally known event that honors individuals and organizations for their contributions to physics, chemistry, literature, peace, and various other fields. This year’s ceremony was brought to audiences across the world with the help of our cloud-based platform Cuez by TinkerList. To reflect on this transformative experience for both us and the Nobel Prize ceremony broadcasting team, we interviewed Pierre Bredstenslien, a freelance floor manager who helped bring the ceremony’s broadcast to life.

Nobel Prize award ceremony: broadcasting challenges

Organizing such a significant and technically advanced broadcast is a big challenge. Months of meticulous planning and coordination, constant revisions of the script and the rundown. And a considerable amount of manual tasks, of course. Prior to adopting Cuez by TinkerList, the Nobel Prize broadcast team used to manage their production across numerous different platforms that did not coordinate with each other. That slowed down the production process and made it more tedious for every team member.

What problem were you trying to solve with Cuez by TinkerList?

  • “We were working on different platforms, all of the different departments, and then trying to implement the information […] We wanted all departments to be able to work in the same document or program. So we could monitor changes and the development of the production of the show on one platform”, explains Pierre.

The shift to Cuez by TinkerList helped streamline the workflow, making it more efficient and easier to work together.

Cuez by TinkerList: Cloud-Based Solution for Live Events

What is the overall impact of Cuez by TinkerList on your workflow?

  • “It made the work more efficient since all the different departments and colleagues were able to see the information on one platform,” adds Pierre.

This unified approach contributed to a faster and more error-free production process. That is essential for such significant productions as the Nobel Prize ceremony.

How has the transition to using Cuez by TinkerList impacted the efficiency and accuracy of your live production processes?

Cuez by TinkerList not only helped make the production more efficient but also reduced the human-made errors during the preparation stage and during the broadcast itself.

  • All the departments could see changes being made to the script, cameras, lights, and so on. Which also made the process faster and safer. Not as many mistakes were made because we all have the right information at the right time., Pierre explained.

Thanks to the intuitive design and adaptability, all team members stayed well-informed throughout the entire process, reducing the likelihood of errors, since all the information stayed in a unified workspace with real-time updates.

Cuez by TinkerList continues to prove itself as a valuable asset in the realm of live show production, fostering collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy across diverse teams and departments.

You can watch the full Nobel Prize ceremony 2023 here.

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