Digital Transformation of the Flemish Media Sector

Last year, through the digital transformation program for the Flemish media sector, part of the Flemish resilience relaunch plan, we, together with partners (see below), received the support to expand our promising concept ‘EPIC’ in 2023: a smart newsroom computer system that supports editorial offices in a fragmented and lightning-fast news gathering environment.

In today’s rapidly evolving news delivery landscape, instant and multi-channel distribution is essential. Consumers expect quality news at an increased speed. As budgets get tighter, the classic workflow, where separate departments within the same media company create content for different news channels and platforms, is no longer sustainable. Currently, newsrooms within the same media house are often fragmented. The same news arrives through different modalities, such as text, video, and audio; different channels including print, television, online, and social media; and devices – laptops, smartphones, and TVs. And it is selected and processed separately for each editorial office. It goes without saying, that this is a cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient way of news production.

What Is EPIC?

EPIC aims to streamline newsrooms by adopting a story-based news production, that spans across different modalities, channels, and devices. The news arrives on a single platform (a digital space), where targeted content is processed and sent in the appropriate form and style to each editorial office. All in all, EPIC embraces multimodal, granular news content around a story – also known as modular journalism – providing editors with a cutting-edge workflow throughout the entire news production process, from gathering information to reporting). Central to this, is a future-oriented journalistic practice, with the use of smart tools that support semi-automation.

To develop this platform, EPIC has formed an extensive consortium. It consists of The Specialists of Bruzz, Roularta, Flemish Brussels Media, EMG Belgium, Acontrario, and Artevelde Hogeschool. Together, we are combining all the necessary technology, testing, knowledge, and know-how to develop the newsroom computer system of the future. EPIC, right?

Cuez is one of the digital platforms EPIC seeks to support. Developed by combining the creative and the technological, Cuez aims to help make everyday broadcasting and LIVE productions easier. As a young and innovative platform, Cuez has several ground-breaking features, tailored to address the lack of technological advancements in the broadcasting sector. With Cuez, newsrooms will be able to automate and structure their workflow, revolutionising news production and delivery. Therefore, Cuez is at the forefront of the growing digital transformation of the Flemish Digital Media industry, supported by projects like EPIC.

EPIC Consortium

In total, Flemish Minister of Brussels, Youth, Media and poverty reduction Benjamin Dalle allocated almost €12 million to support 18 different projects to optimally arm Flemish companies for an innovative digital future. It focuses on podcasting, media platforms for modular journalism and content production, and much more.

We are excited to continue this amazing journey with new ideas, and looking forward to new beginnings. Thanks to this investment, the media industry can accelerate technological innovation and develop new tools, strategies, and algorithms. The EPIC partners are ready!

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