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4 Key Tips for Remote Media Production


POV: your kids are running around the house, you smell the food cooking in the kitchen, the dog is begging for your attention… and you? You are lying on the couch in your sweatpants, headphones and mic on, while simultaneously coordinating the production of the talk show. You are delegating as many responsibilities as possible and, as the creative driving force, making sure the production goes according to plan.

Sounds familiar? While this might sound like pure chaos, remote production has quite some perks. It might come in handy when saving production time and costs! Ironically, remote media production can be even less stressful, according to Mathieu Dams. The pandemic taught us to structure our work in new ways, often from the comfort of our own homes. Therefore, here are 4 remote media production tips & tricks that are key to efficiently working on your television show and having dinner with the family immediately after.

1. Environment

Having your own space at home where you can focus on your work without being bothered by your family members is essential. The comfort of your home won’t reduce stress levels if you don’t truly feel comfortable and in control.

2. Equipment

You don’t want to worry about the quality of your mic or your internet connection right before or during the show. You need that time and headspace for more important priorities. Make sure all your gear is in good shape and state so you can scratch at least some issues from the ‘worry’ list! Invest in good quality monitors, an ergonomic office chair, and a comfortable desk set-up for your home office to create the best possible remote work environment.

3. Anticipation

So, the most challenging thing about remote media production is the velocity of things. You’re not sitting around the same table to quickly help each other out, ask questions or make last-minute adaptations. Therefore, it is crucial to anticipate as much as possible what can go wrong. Make sure to discuss with your team what could be changed and how to avoid mistakes before the show starts.

4. Communication

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