Revolutionising Sports Broadcasting with Cuez: Use Case

In today’s fast-paced sports world, having up-to-date information and broadcasts is essential. Audiences crave and don’t want to miss a beat on high-quality sports broadcasts and productions, especially when it comes to live sports events. Keeping up with these demands while maintaining production cost-effective takes some exceptional and innovative technology, which is why Cuez exists!

Cuez is a comprehensive software solution designed to make producing top-notch broadcasting effortless with its OMB (One-man Band) solution.

It has features allowing users to manage even the most complex production elements, including automated options and prompting abilities, cutting camera angles and streaming along with them to create an unforgettable sports show experience.

Timings and Cueing

Cueing and timing columns will help you keep track of the timing of each shot or segment in your production. That includes planned time, actual timings, back and front time, and, what’s more, freezing, floating items, and many other amazing features. You can inspect and correct over and under runs live. The “follow the lead-Cuer” function ensures the entire team stays on the same page, hands-free.

Cueing Timings Rundown

Collaborative Rundown and Script

Cuez’s Collaborative Rundown & Script feature provides a comprehensive overview of each event on your show, itemising all the necessary components for a successful production, including media, timings, and columns. With this feature, users can gain an in-depth understanding of what’s necessary for the entire process – from start to finish. It provides an organised remote structure so that users can easily view all the details from anywhere, at any time. The Rundown is highly customisable, allowing users to tailor the layout to their needs. Additionally, every last-minute change is automatically synced across all devices, ensuring the event comes together as planned.

Web Prompter

Cuez has you completely covered with its Web Prompter mode, which allows you to control the autocue speed and duration with ease. It ensures a smooth presentation for the host, who reads from the prompter while looking straight into the camera. No matter the situation, you can be sure you have complete control over the autocue and deliver a smooth and professional performance.


Setting up and building automation for the production of a studio show as a ‘One-Man-Band’ with our Automation Module feature is surprisingly easy, ensuring that processes run smoothly. With this powerful feature, you can create automation that can be used to perform various tasks, from controlling equipment to creating show elements. You have complete control over all segments, including lower thirds, tickers, and any media. Automator is a useful feature that makes the entire production process much simpler and more organised. It saves time and effort, ensuring that all production components run smoothly. Integrable with any hardware and software, Automator lets you control content and devices with a simple mouse click or press of a space bar.

No longer do producers need to worry about struggling with outdated techniques. With the help of Cuez, media companies are revolutionising the way breaking news and sports broadcasts are produced quickly and expertly.

Cuez is at the vanguard of this time when efficiency and accuracy are the order of the day-revamping how broadcasters create instant news and sports coverage.

At The Media Production and Technology Show (MPTS), Cuez stepped up, pioneering in a big way and propelling real-time updates to viewers spanning all corners of the earth.

Cuez facilitates news presenters with its intuitive prompter feature and offers even further ease by pushing lower thirds, photographs, and videos straight to broadcast machines – thus allowing for a butter-smooth viewing trial for your loved ones at home.

Organisations chose to use Cuez for a reason. Automation streamlines the production process and eliminates the worry of human error. With Cuez, operators no longer need to worry about playing the wrong clip or showing incorrect graphics. The software’s accurate countdown feature ensures that every aspect of the production runs smoothly, reducing stress in the control room.

With Cuez, everyone is on the same page. The software’s automated features keep everyone informed of the changes and guarantee everyone has the correct information about the new content. That eliminates confusion and ensures a seamless, stress-free production process.

Sports Broadcasters chose Cuez because it automates the production process, reduces stress, and minimises the possibility of error. Whether during a live broadcast or recording, the software secures that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. With an uncanny capacity to switch between cameras as well as scientifically supervise base studio setup, Cuez made it definitively possible for producers to indulge in swift transactions and productivity – so people can stick to their preference of seamless online streaming like stitching paper.

Cuez works harmoniously with vMix, Tricaster, Blackmagic devices and other tools like broadcast equipment, allowing directors to focus more on their production’s overall quality.

No more messing with paper and printing, as the hosts on the field can easily use our Presenter mode and stay in sync with last-minute changes on the rundown and script. Those last-minute line-up announcements that come right before the game begins? Easily sent to the presenter in a few clicks just like that.

Thanks to Cuez’s advanced features and seamless integration with broadcast infrastructure, businesses can deliver high-quality broadcasts, whether they’re covering breaking news or sports events.

Need a comprehensive powerhouse you can use to streamline your production process?

Look no further than Cuez!

Believe it or not, with this innovative software powering up your production team, saving time and money means you no longer have to compromise on quality. Say goodbye to worries and compromise on quality. TinkerList is a comprehensive solution that streamlines your production process, saving time and money without sacrificing quality.

Trust in Cuez for your next big (e)sports event or breaking news broadcast!

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