Sustainable Media Production: Embracing the Power of the Cloud

The media industry, as we all know, has been an immense contributor when it comes to emissions. Traditional media production is bound to produce a carbon footprint: setting up fancy studios, travelling to far-off locations, printing reams of paper, and sucking up energy like there’s no tomorrow. However, considering environmental impact and opting for more sustainable practices is becoming an essential part of business strategy for many media producers. Moving production to the cloud not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to sustainability efforts. By embracing the power of the cloud, broadcasters can minimise their environmental impact while maximising their innovation potential.

We are dedicated to practising and promoting new sustainable practices in the industry. As part of our commitment to sustainability in the production sector, we were present at the Media Tech Sustainability Summit 2023, where our CEO Erik Hauters participated in a panel discussion. Erik, together with other industry leaders, discussed the benefits of adopting sustainable practices as part of the business strategy and how it benefits both the environment and the business. Have a look below!

Cloud-based services have already revolutionised countless industries, so why should broadcasting and media production be different? As environmental concerns grow, it is high time we adopt new climate-friendly practices. So how can Cuez and TinkerList help save our planet?

Remote Media Production — say goodbye to the old ways

One of the main perks of a cloud-based service for broadcasters is remote production. Traditional setups require complex on-premise infrastructures that are costly, inefficient, and not environmentally friendly. Switching to cloud-based production with Cuez or TinkerList reduces both costs and energy consumption, making production cheaper, more efficient, and sustainable. It’s like having a superpower that lets you work efficiently while saving the planet.

Paperless Production — no more printing

Traditional media production involves tons of printing, including scripts, rundowns, and notes. Making changes to any document can be extremely annoying, as even replacing a phrase or a word means that you have to reprint everything. Again and again. Excessive consumption of paper, as well as printing ink, harms the environment but also your pockets. An average office worker uses 10,000 (!) sheets of paper yearly. When you factor in the additional printing of freshly edited scripts, this can amount to significant waste. But you can easily avoid it by using Cuez or TinkerList. Printing is no longer necessary with real-time editing – by synchronising the script through the tablet, every member can see changes in real time Going paperless not only creates a more efficient and sustainable media production but also reduces your carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for you and Mother Earth.

Entirely cloud-based

Cuez and TinkerList, residing happily in the cloud, enable broadcasters to scale their production, balancing demand and resource usage. Many operations can now be done in the cloud, eliminating the need for bulky on-site servers. Switching to a cloud-based ecosystem is a more sustainable option when compared to on-site servers, which are far less carbon-efficient and more costly. Think of it as carpooling for your digital needs — optimising resources, minimising your impact on the environment and lowering the energy consumption of clunky in-house server equipment. How cool is that?

Compatible with a variety of external tools — the more, the merrier

What makes Cuez and TinkerList even cooler is that they are compatible with many external tools. That means that you can adapt either of them to your needs. By syncing TinkerList with other tools, like vMix, Blackmagic, Vizrt, Visca, and many others, media production becomes more eco-friendly. Reducing excess hardware, this fully automated system has a much smaller impact on the environment. Fewer devices, less waste, greener environment.

It’s time for broadcasters and media producers to embrace the power of the cloud and play their part in saving our planet. As a member of DPP and Albert sustainability programmes, TinkerList is committed to and promotes reducing the environmental impact of the media industry. By joining forces, we can make a positive change and create a greener broadcasting landscape and sustainable media production!

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