vMix Automation: Revolutionising Live Broadcasting with Cuez

4 hands, 2 pairs of eyes, no need for sleep or rest, the ability to multitask on several projects simultaneously, error-free frame of mind … No, we’re not describing a superhuman or some kind of higher intelligence. These are the qualities a regular live show producer should (apparently?) possess.

Live show production in broadcasting requires effective organisation and impeccable planning and management. However, such a high-paced and stressful environment is prone to human error. The difficulty of operating a whole set is in the high number of processes that producers and the rest of the crew need to mind before, during, and after the show. In other words, there is so much that requires preparation and management that making a live show can be extremely complicated. But why should it be so?

Cuez is here to help!

What Does Cuez Offer?

Collaborative Rundown

One of the standout features of Cuez is its collaborative rundown. With Cuez, broadcasting teams can co-create simultaneously on scripts and rundowns, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Through real-time collaboration, Cuez keeps every crew member up to date. It makes it easier to apply last-minute changes and streamline the production of live shows.


Automation is another key innovative feature of Cuez. The platform allows for the automation and optimisation of cameras, microphones, and other hardware tools, as well as software, resulting in a more efficient and error-free workflow. With Cuez’s user-friendly interface, producers can automate various aspects of their live show, saving time and minimising the risk of mistakes. Completely customisable, Cuez ensures each production team can optimise the platform to best suit their unique style and preferences.

Integrations with external tools

But what sets Cuez apart is its seamless integration with external tools like vMix. By integrating with vMix, a powerful video mixer, playout server, and streaming device optimisation tool, Cuez takes live broadcasting to the next level. This integration improves efficiency while maintaining high-quality broadcasting. Producers can easily navigate between Cuez and vMix, accessing templates, cue blocks, graphics, and clips with just a few clicks.

Automated vMix triggers

Wait, but there is more! With our Automator, you can stop worrying about finding and placing the right media in order. Cuez Automator will take it from here. It will automatically upload all graphics to vMix, in the correct order. It will also automate complex vMix triggers, guaranteeing smooth performance and stress-free production. vMix Automation streamlines the production process, empowering producers to create captivating live shows without the hassle of manually searching for the correct elements. Plus, this integration is easy to set up! For that, check out our guide on how to integrate vMix with Cuez.

Cuez is more than just software. It represents a leap into the future of collaborative live broadcasting. Cuez offers a gateway to more efficient and automated media production through collaboration and co-creation. Cuez & vMix integration empowers producers to focus on what matters the most – creativity and content.

If you’re ready to transform the way you produce media and embrace the future of broadcasting, discover how vMix Automation with Cuez can elevate your live shows and take your production to new heights.

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