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CUEZ is going to MPTS!

Key Benefits Explained

Cuez is a cloud-based Script & Rundown platform that automates ANY show or live event.

Through open API, you can connect your studio tools to Cuez and manage media assets, make real-time changes to scripts with instant updates, and add elements like video and graphics.

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This is how CUEZ works

News broadcast software
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What CUEZ does

We enable remote production:

Work in one rundown with your teams from any corner of the world. Instant script updates, real-time collaboration.

We decrease time-to-air through efficiency

Connect ALL your hardware and software tools to Cuez, and control production with one button.

We automate shows through an easy set-up process

Set up Cuez Automator in just a few clicks with our open API. We integrate with media giants like vMix, EVS, ROSS, VizRT,  Blackmagic and many more.

Configure multi-step actions and trigger them with a single click.

Automate camera angles, lower-thirds, clips, audio, straps, and other types of media, and much more.

Integrate with popular tools: vMix, NewBlue, Tricaster, CasparCG, OBS, Viz Flowics, Vizrt, SingularLive, Blackmagic devices, PTZ cameras, and more.



IBC Accelerator​

CUEZ showed that it can do two important things.

  1. Our rundown can be used to connect to any type of device: assets can be uploaded in the rundown and are automatically sent to the play-out, graphics, and more.
  2. One rundown can control:
    ✔️ a fully cloud-based studio
    ✔️ a fully on-prem studio
    ✔️ an outside broadcast.

One operator can run a full life show.

One man band: DPG Media

DPG Media employs Cuez to create script and rundown templates. Journalists input the text and upload all assets (videos, graphics, camera positions, incoming sources, etc.) into the rundown. Cuez then automatically sends this information to all connected back-end devices.

This streamlined process allows the presenter to go live, and with a simple press of the spacebar, one person can effortlessly run a broadcast!

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