LIVE Event Production with Cuez: Interview with NACE

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical education, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and research is paramount for healthcare professionals worldwide.

NACE, National Accredited Continuing Education, is a program, dedicated to providing accredited education tailored to the needs of healthcare practitioners. NACE aims to enhance the knowledge, competence, confidence, and professional performance of healthcare professionals.

Providing weekly online lectures, the NACE team spent much time not only preparing the content for each lecture but also setting up each LIVE stream. We interviewed Stephen Webber, the Vice President of NACE and his colleague Eleanor Franke, Assistant Producer, to discover how Cuez by TinkerList helped them improve their LIVE Event Production workflow and set new production standards.

Challenges of LIVE Production

NACE Cuez by ThinkerList

NACE faced several challenges in their production process and achieving the level of control they desired over their shows.

  • “I wanted to be able to have more control over our shows. In particular, graphical control, the ability to make changes on the fly. The ability to operate as a broadcast control room. And have that flexibility which we did not have working with another studio,” says Stephen.
  • “[It] would take Eleanor 4 to 5 hours to set up one lecture each week. 40 to 50 hours before a show on every rundown!” adds Stephen.

LIVE Production Solutions by Cuez

Cuez by TinkerList helped the NACE team decrease the time and effort needed to produce each lecture, by offering a simple script system where content can be adjusted in just a few clicks.

LIVE event Production
  • “It’s mind-blowing for me because it’s easy to use and it’s based on cards. And if there’s a change in that card, I can delete that card without affecting the rest of the rundown, which is great,” shares Eleanor.

Cuez by TinkerList was the breakthrough NACE was looking for. Stephen remarks it was the “opportunity to take [production] down to 2 hours or less.”

Cuez Automator

Cuez’s intuitive interface and exceptional automation capabilities were also game-changing for NACE. With Cuez Automator, the NACE could take more time to focus on the content, rather than the technical side of LIVE event production. Automator proved to be a reliable tool during every LIVE event held by NACE, always delivering top-notch streams.

Cuez Automator for LIVE production

Stephen and Eleanor emphasize the ease of use and affordability of Cuez by TinkerList, making it an easy choice for their team.

  • “What sold me on it was the ease of use, the modern interface, [and] the pricing models. It was affordable,” they express.

Cuez by TinkerList has become an indispensable tool for NACE. It serves as the backbone of their production workflow and enables them to deliver high-quality LIVE content to audiences worldwide.

Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel.

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