Cuez at IBC 2023: A Recap

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2023) has come to an end, and my oh my, what a noise we have made!

This year, we introduced Cuez, our new cloud-based rundown and script platform that offers tangible solutions to multiple daily struggles of production companies. Not only does Cuez allow to produce live shows remotely and in one centralised space with real-live updates across all devices, but it also transforms the production into a much greener and more environmentally friendly production by being paperless.

Cuez Live Studio at IBC 2023

And what better way to present Cuez than by demonstrating how it works? We transformed our booth into an automated studio, welcoming dozens of industry professionals for LIVE interviews. We conducted numerous interviews over the course of 4 days, talking about the current trends in the broadcasting landscape, new technologies and opportunities for live production, and how the future will unfold for the industry.

Welcoming Media Industry Professionals

We welcomed such important guests as Tim Vandenberg (vMix), Serge van Herck (EVS), Evan Shapiro (ESHAP), Raymundo Barros (Globo), Benjamin Lardinoit (On-Hertz), Delbert Parks (Sinclair Broadcast Group), Mike Strein (ABC News), and many more. Check out our YouTube channel via this link to watch all the interviews our hosts Hendrik and Kate conducted.

IBC 2023 Evan Shapiro
IBC 2023 vMix

Empowering Education with Cuez

One of our special guests, Tony Gregory, shared his experience with Cuez and TinkerList in a production setting. He told us how he has been using the platforms to teach students at a university in Vienna. Tony explains, that Cuez “has a democratising effect”. It allows anyone, even with no technical knowledge to produce a show easily and without having to undergo extensive training.

IBC 2023: Accelerator Media Innovation Programme

Alongside the interviews, we also participated in the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme as part of the Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production Project. In this project, we, together with other forward-thinking pioneers (, Techex, Grass Valley, ZIXI), and champions (ITN, YLE, BBC, TV2, TRANSMIXR, TALK TV) focused on advancing media production by embracing the flexibility and interoperability of any gallery through standardised API and one single rundown as the common workflow. The goal was to demonstrate that live production can be device-agnostic. That means that all devices can be controlled from one source (i.e. the rundown).

IBC2023 Accelerator Programme: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production

As noted by SVG Europe, “the result was a hybrid solution, an Automator that ran in the cloud, able through the same control system and interface, to control an on-premise studio at ITV, a full cloud studio at Channel 4, and a fully cloud-based remote production in ITV studio, including robotic cameras, while a fully remote production was controlled by the host standing on a rooftop in Leuven, Belgium”. Check out the full article here.

In the spotlight of IBC 2023, Aaron Nuytemans, our Head of Business, explained how the project’s members came together to realise gallery-agnostic production, with Cuez as the workflow interface that can work with any tool in the back end. “Pretty neat!”, says Aaron.

You can watch the full presentation here.

Looking Ahead to IBC 2024

Having established new and strengthened old partnerships, we look ahead to IBC 2024. Next year, we’ll come full of fresh ideas that will make your production an even better experience!

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