Streamlining TV Show Automation:

The Cuez Automator Guide

This document presents a general introduction to the configuration, features and integrations of the Cuez Automator, highlighting its ability to streamline media file handling and device control through automatisation. Discover how Cuez Automator simplifies production processes and enhances efficiency for seamless TV show automation.

A Comprehensive Guide

This document presents a detailed overview of the Cuez Automator’s functionalities and features, discussing the installation process, graphical user interface, and configuration options that together enable seamless project management.

Integrations and Configuration

This guide outlines Automator’s integrations with external tools, seamless connection and pairing with projects, and intuitive device configuration through a user-friendly interface, allowing for unhindered TV show production at all stages.

Streamlining TV Show Automation: The Cuez Automator Guide

Exploring the Cuez Automator — Efficient TV show production through Automation

Seamless integrations

Cuez works with all your favorite production software and devices. Discover Cuez’s wide range of software integrations for efficient collaboration and streamlined processes.

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